WalletPicked: Keep Your Wallet Safe From Thief

"WalletPicked” app gives the latest information about pickpocket prone areas worldwide with push notifications. This app is your reliable companion that helps you to stay alert and careful in the most vulnerable pick pocketing areas across the world within 15 km range from your current location. This android wallet app notifies users about stolen wallet information with other users. If thief had stolen wallet of any user in past then they can also share their experience with this platform.

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Keep your wallet safe by location alert

We all live on a planet, which has every reason to attract tourists and fellow peoples to come out of the home and visit the exotic markets, which are popularly known as Bazaars. Being a major attraction, these types of places are crowded and hence provide a very easy income for Pickpocketers and steal money. People who are unfamiliar with these areas need to take extra precaution to keep safe their wallet by location alert.

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